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This Week in ∆∆∆

Happy Senior Week!! We ♥ You All!

Monday, April 14th

Apps & Finance Talk with Professor Stevens, 6PM in the Cottage

IM Softball Game vs. Pi Phi @ 10PM

Popsicles on the field!!

Tuesday, April 15th

Dress to Pin!

IM Softball Game, 8PM

 Wednesday, April 16th

 Thursday, April 17th

 Friday, April 18th

Letter Shirt Day

St. Mary’s Visit, 12PM

Kappa Kickball, 5-7PM

Crescent Ball Social!!

 Saturday, April 19th

 Sunday, April 20th



The purpose of Delta Delta Delta is comprised of four tiers: sisterhood, character, unselfish leadership, and intellect. Through these and other values, Tri Delta helps its members to realize their true potential and encourages them to become the very best version of themselves. The sisters of the Gamma Eta Chapter are the perfect example of this experience; our commitment to Tri Delta continues to have a positive impact on our campus, our community, and ourselves. Through Tri Delta, we have established a sisterhood built on support and friendship, creating bonds that truly last a lifetime.

The ladies of Gamma Eta invite you to browse our website and learn more about the Tri Delta Sisterhood at the University of Richmond!

Delta Love,
Morgan McKee, President